Royal Christmas Cards Up for Auction December 13

With a collection of 17 royal Christmas cards preparing for auction on December 13, the annual holiday photograph on each card gives the public a poignant glimpse into the changing lives of the royal family between 1981 and 1998.

The Queen and Prince Philip strike an informal pose for in 1996, a turbulent year when both Charles and Andrew separated from their wives.

The cards, owned by a former Buckingham Palace staff member, are on offer by Duke’s auctioneers in Dorset, who conservatively estimated the cards would sell for around £600. The hand-signed cards feature images of a young Charles and Diana, the Queen and Prince Philip and the Queen Mother with her beloved corgis.

1987's holiday photo featured a happy portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip with their grandchildren, Princes William and Harry, and Peter and Zara Philips.

Auctioneer Rupert Perry-Warnes feels that the royal cards are quite intimate. “You can see how they progress through the years, and how their lives change. Most people don’t get to see these images and they give a really interesting insight into the lives of the Royal Family as they grow older.”

Ten years before their split, Charles and Diana's holiday card in 1986 featured a happy young family.

Traditionally, royal Christmas cards feature a momentous event from the past year. For example, Prince Charles released his 2011 Christmas card photograph today, showing Prince Charles, Camilla, and Eliza Lopes, Camilla’s granddaughter, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during this spring’s royal wedding. While the day of William and Kate’s wedding was surely a joyous one, the odd expression on Charles’ face clearly does not do him justice.

A scene from the spring's royal wedding is featured on Charles and Camilla's 2011 holiday card. With them is Camilla's granddaughter, Eliza Lopes, a bridesmaid at the wedding.

As for the royal newlyweds, St. James’s Palace reported that William and Kate decided to not make their card public this year.

Updated 12/26/11: The collection was auctioned off on Dec. 13, for $4,052 to an unknown American buyer.

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5 Responses to Royal Christmas Cards Up for Auction December 13

  1. Linda Joy Adams says:

    Merry Christmas1 from ‘ across the pond” Linda Joy Hardy Adams

  2. Susan Donovan-Gorbutt says:

    Is this auction still open and current?

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